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"The record shows that Sonya used her inside knowledge of CB&Ts technology and technological vulnerabilities to accomplish the theft, per the Georgia Supreme Court. An audit showed that between October 2007 and 2011, the firms trust account had a negative balance 50 times for which Sonya admitted her wrongdoing. After CB&T seized the firms funds and closed the firms account, the firms insurance company provided coverage for most of the losses; however, the parties agreed that $65,618.22 in losses to clients and mortgage holders remains uncompensated. That financial responsibility now falls upon Michael Eddings as directed by the Georgia Supreme Court to be paid to the victims within five years The Georgia Bar Association recommended disbarring Eddings from practicing law in the state of Georgia. The case went before the State Supreme Court and it rejected that recommendation Thursday and agreed to issue Eddings a public reprimand instead. Finally the truth is out and we're grateful for that. We're not bitter for what I had to experience for those five years, it has been truly a test of faith for me personally and yes I do feel a certain sense of vindication, said Attorney Michael Eddings. Micheal Edding's real estate law firm closed down as did several restaurants he owned in Columbus at the time. Eddings is practicing criminal law in Columbus and Atlanta. Ultimately, the court found that Michael Eddings failed to properly supervise an employee who negligently handled real estate closing funds and concluded that Eddings was a victim of an elaborate con. As for Sonya Eddings she is awaiting sentencing in federal court. We reached out to Sonya Eddings' attorney for comment, but we did not receive a callback. The full ruling from the Georgia Supreme Court is below. Copyright 2016 WTVM .

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Consolidate your questions so that you can ask them all in one conversation.  Your question arises under what is called the “work for hire doctrine.” L. It often costs $10,000 or more, and the lawyers often profit the most. Pub. Copyright Office: Karen Temple Claggett Appointed Acting Register of Copyrights Librarian of Congress Carla Hayden has appointed Karen Temple Claggett as Acting Register of Copyrights effective October 21. If copyright owners tell others that they are “copyrighting” their works when they actually are registering them, others may believe that the works are not protected until that time. L. Do I have any recourse to make this stop? Don’t Take Litigation Lightly. HOWEVER, it gets fuzzy for me when it’s a part of his/her job AND it’s “promoted” performed at the church. 

If.ou.urn it into a PDP, you still own the copyright. Pallante, who served as Register since 2011, submitted her resignation from the Library of Congress effective October 29. Prior to Pallante’s term as Register, she served as Deputy General Counsel 2007-2008 and Associate Register and Director of Policy and International Affairs 2008-2011 for the office. The Copyright Office upload protocols require that the Deposit Copy be in specified formats—I do not think they accept .Gobi or .doc.